About Us

 U.S. Windshield Repair is family owned and based in Central Utah.   The business was started in Southern California in 1990 as a full-time windshield repair service, but began designing and manufacturing products soon after as we realized there was a lack of quality tools, products and support available.   Operating our own windshield repair service provided insight on how to design products that performed better and improve the techniques for repairing damages.  We worked with chemists to develop the best resins possible providing unmatched strength and clarity and with machine shops to perfect not only the design but manufacture of our tools.  We worked with the lighting industry to develop and produce the best curing lamps for curing our resins, ones that are used by many of our competitors today.   Operating our own windshield repair business also taught us which marketing strategies work and which don't.   With the right tools and techniques to provide quality repairs and an effective marketing strategy, our customers succeed where so many others don't.

    Our business model is simple, provide only the best products and services possible and back them with actual support.  We don't have any salesmen on our payroll, we don't advertise in magazines, we don't exhibit at business opportunity expos.  We really haven't had to sell our products, they do that themselves. When you call us, the owner of the company an experienced windshield repair technician with 30 years of experience and over 100,000 windshield repairs answers the phone.  You receive help, honest answers and will never be pressured to buy something.  I think you will find us a refreshing experience.  So give us a test drive and let us know what you think, you are the most important part of our business.

William Penrod

William Penrod
Owner U.S. Windshield Repair



 Chronological history of U.S. Windshield Repair

  • 1990 Repair service begins in Orange, California by William Penrod
  • 1992 Changed operation from mobile to a fixed retail location
  • 1993 Began manufacturing and selling windshield repair products
  • 1994 Charter Member of National Windshield Repair Association (N.W.R.A.), served on Board of Directors
  • 1995 Developed Quick Curing Lamp that reduced curing time to 60 seconds and properly cured repairs for superior quality
  • 1996 Started advertising on the Internet
  • 1997 Working with chemical companies developed several new windshield repair resins
  • 2003 Issued first U.S. Patent for windshield repair apparatus
  • 2007 Joined National Glass Association (NGA) served on Windshield Repair Committee
  • 2009 Introduced new product for removing Rain-X and like products from glass
  • 2010 Introduced new process for removal of scratches and grafitti on glass surfaces
  • 2012 Began providing complete range of targeted web services and marketing
  • 2013 First windshield repair company to use 3D manufacturing for our products
  • 2014 Moved manufacturing, warehouse and sales office to Central Valley, Utah

  • 2020 Developed LED curing lamp specifically for windshield repair