Cost of windshield repair

The cost for repairing a windshield will vary from area to area as it does for many products and services, but it will always be a fraction of the cost to replace the windshield. The graphic below provides a description of common stone breaks and an "average" cost for repairing them. Check with a service provider in your area for specific rates.

Service                         Description                                                                 Price

Stone Chip Repair Stone damage up to 1 1/2 inches                         $75

Extra Stone Chips Additional damages on same windshield (each) $25

Short Crack                 Single line crack up to 12 inches in length         $89

Long Crack                 Single line crack over 12 inches long                 $99



The average cost for replacing a windshield on a late model vehicle starts at $200-$300 and increases quickly if the windshield has any technology ( heating elements, sensors for light and moisture, antenna, protective coatings, etc ). It is not uncommon for newer luxury vehicles to have windshields that cost $1,000 or more to replace. Beyond the obvious monetary cost of replacing a windshield are some potential hidden costs and safety issues.   Many windshields are not properly installed resulting in water leaks that can cause costly damage to interiors, electronics and more.  Poorly installed windshields can be a safety issue in that air bag deployment can literally pop the windshield out rendered the airbag useless and exposing occupants to severe injury.