Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What will it cost to ship to me?

A:  To calculate the actual shipping costs we need to know what you are buying (for size and weight) and where you want it shipped.  The only way to give an accurate answer is to have you select the items you want and put them into the shopping cart.  When you have selected the items you want and provided the shipping information (name, address, contact information) our software will calculate the size and weight of your order, then determine which carriers (i.e. UPS, FedEx or US Post Office) and which services can be used.  At that point you will be given a list of carriers and the options available as well as the delivery estimate and cost.  If for any reason you decide not to place the order just cancel it.  Your information is not kept and you do not need to provide a credit card until the order is actually placed.


Q: How many repairs can I do using one of your 15ml bottles of resin?

A: That depends.  Using our injectors you can expect to get  between 75 and 100 repairs from each 15ml bottle of resin because our injectors only require 3 drops of resin per repair compared to as many as 15 or even 30 drops per repair with injectors from other suppliers.  More importantly you should be concerned about the quality of the resin.  If you do hundreds of repairs using cheap resin and those repairs fail you will have jeopardized your business.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We are the manufacturer not a distributor so we almost never run out.  Once an order is placed it will ship on the next pick-up of the carrier chosen.  The length of time until you recieve it depends upon the shipping service you chose (i.e. regular ground vs next day delivery).


Q: Do you accept trade-ins?

A: No.  We realize many customers find that equipment purchased elsewhere falls short of expectations and buying replacement tools places a hardship on their budget.  Call us and we'll do our best to help you.